Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Maintenance people

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There are only few things in the house I don't feel comfortable to deal with, i.e. repair, install, whatever.
Once this led to an emergency call on Sunday to EDF (power provider) because I'd managed to drill into the main line. This gave me a major shock, but nothing more. Oh, and before you start wondering why I didn't know that the line was passing through there - this is quite an old house and our predecessor perfected the French system called "Système D". Which means he just did what he felt like doing, this also includes not obeying color codes and many more.

What I never touch though and I also don't really understand how that thing works, is the heating. It's not even that old, and doesn't give too much trouble.

But lately, we had this accumulation of weird sounds. First I thought that it was one of those trucks running too fast and almost flying over the hump (you're only allowed to go 30 km, and there are several "humps" on the streets which make you go really slow, unless you care losing your bumper). Sometimes it was accompanied by the cat flap swinging heavily. By pure accident I realized that this came from the heating.

This happened about 3 times over the last months.
Then 3 times in less than 24hrs over the weekend. I panicked. Well first G, then me ;) There was a smell of burning but also gas. And I completely hate what I can't see and therefore have no control whatsoever.
So I turned off the heating, called the service company, left a message stating at least 3 times my name and phone number. Called them again this morning at about a quarter to 9, "I was about to call you". Yeah? Great, why didn't you do this earlier?
She promised a technician to come by in the afternoon, first half of the afternoon. Which translates in my book between 2pm and 4pm latest, because they only work until 5pm.

The guy finally arrived around 3.30. He parked in the driveway and still didn't think of bringing his tools with him.
He didn't know my name, he wasn't aware that there's been a maintenance about three weeks ago, didn't take me seriously enough - meaning when I say, that the entire house was trembling then it has to be something serious.
In the end he did this and that, changed this and that and said if it happens again, I should leave the heating's door open. WTF?

I guess I'll end up calling my assurance to ask them what to do. They also offer maintenance in- and outside of the house, when it's within the line of avoiding accidents.

Not sure if I'll sleep well tonight, which probably has a complete different reason - more tomorrow.


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