Thursday, October 30, 2008

Der erste Schnee

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Ich glaubte meinen Augen kaum, als ich heute morgen aus dem Fenster schauen wollte:

Auf dem Rasen ist auch was liegen geblieben, aber noch nicht auf der Strasse. Jetzt regnet es auch wieder, mit diesen irre kalten, dicken Regentropfen. Ob ich einfach daheim bleibe?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Life is p!nk!

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I borrowed this line from Jan Allain, read more about her here.

What I really wanted to say, is that P!nk’s new album is available since today  I already listened to the first songs on my way to work and must say, that I like it’s style, it’s diversified as always; mixing slower and faster songs, mixing disco, rock and ballads, alternating almost orchestra like mixes with guitar and voice only.

More later….when I’ve listened to the rest.

This week’s tv-series

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NCIS….started somehow familiar, and a quick look into EPG-descpription confirmed my suspicion… a rerun. In the middle of the season, are they nuts, or what?

Criminal Minds…that episode where the team learns that Garcia’s been shot. It was nice to have an entire episode concentrating on her, even if it started on a very tragic note but at least there was happy ending, meaning that she survived. This episode included that famous scene where Emily takes JJ’s hand (close up shot of those two hands) which led to a new wave of f/ stories ;-)
Oh…yesterday (Sunday) was also the start of Blood Ties on RTL II. And despite Christina Cox playing a/the leading role, I can’t myself bring to watch it. I dislike Vampire-stories as much as daily soaps.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

This week’s tv-series

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Law & Order New York….Mary Stuart Masterson in blonde, she looked way cooler with the dark hair. I’m wondering though if that was a reprise of the character she’d played one or two seasons ago or if this was something else?

CSI-Las Vegas….that was it, last official episode with Sara Sidle. I didn’t get everything, ‘cause I fell asleep during the 2nd commercial break but woke up in time to see her driving away in a taxi while Grissom was reading her letter.

And now? Who’s going to replace her? Will we finally see some more of Det. Curtis? I don’t like the rookie (Ronny) they brought in some episodes ago. But I’ll let myself be surprised.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fernsehpreis die zweite

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Nun haben sie es also gemacht. Das ZDF hat Elke Heidenreich rausgeschmissen. Die beiden ausstehenden Folgen werden auch nicht mehr produziert.
Und MRR, den die Heidenreich ja auch unterstützt hatte, bzw. der ja Auslöser des ganzen Theaters ist, fällt ihr nun in den Rücken. Ts, Männerfreundschaften. Soll er doch mal im Spiegel nachlesen, was Tommy so über ihn zu sagen hatte, dann wird er sich über das Du noch schwarz ärgern.

Ich für meinen Teil meine, die Sendungen mit Alice Schwarzer und Nike Wagner waren mit das Beste, das ich jemals am Fernsehen gesehen habe. Lesen! wird mir fehlen, denn die Sendung hat meinen Horizont auf jeden Fall erweitert.


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Nö, nicht ich. Die ganze Strasse, am Samstag nachmittag….so lange hat das noch nie gedauert. Seltsamer Zufall, dass für nächsten Montag Wartungsarbeiten mit einem geplanten Unterbruch von 2 ½ Stunden vorgesehen sind. Um die Zuverlässigkeit zu erhöhen…war wohl ein bisserl zu spät

Angefangen hat es um 13 Uhr 20, mich hat’s nicht grossartig gestört, ging zu dem Zeitpunkt very butch activities im Badezimmer nach, so mit Powertools und so.

Gedauert hat es dann bis um 20 Uhr 10. Ich befürchte allerdings, dass der grosse EDF-Wagen die ganze Nacht durch brummen wird. Denn gerade sind auch noch 3 Jungs mit Klettergeschirr auf Nachbars Grundstück verschwunden. Nun denn, hauptsache wir haben Licht und die Heizung läuft. Obwohl….die innere Wärme ist dank eines guten Rotweins schon sichergestellt

Und die Notfall-Nummer sagt, dass die Wiederherstellung für 23 uhr vorgesehen ist. Mal warten, wie lange es noch dauert.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

This week's tv series

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Criminal Intent…last night’s episode sucked…in a major way.

Besides the fact that I don’t know why replacement detectives always have to have red hair, I absolutely don’t like this pairing. Last nights episode though had one of the worst plots ever, and was highly unbelievable. Every suspect or witness being interviewed was being blackmailed and therefore lying to the police. The reasons for and how it came to this blackmailing were developed in a very superficially way (this couple simply lacks the finesse of Eames/Goran and I understand, that they don’t want two identical detective couple but how are they pulling this off in the future? From what I read, Vincent D'Onofrio wants to cut down a bit on his time for Criminal Intent.)

Can you believe that it got worse? No? Well it did!

Both detectives are interviewing a witness (turning to suspect), when her lawyer enters the room making a big boohay, whispering intimately with her client (implying that they must a least be friends).

Next scene shows both women in a car, with the lawyer reassuring the other women, brushing the hair off her face pulling closer while saying something like “I’m so hot for you”, and cut…

Meanwhile the detectives figure out that the lawyer isn’t working as a lawyer anymore and having a congenial *bright* idea, they come to the conclusion that the lawyer must be the mysterious lover of their witness/suspect, that they’re both in this together and so on…..h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e.

This was followed by another episode of Standoff which started with yet another misogynistic portray. I simply don’t get it, if it’s supposed to be sarcastic or if this actress voluntarily loves to play the stupid bimbo. After less than a minute I was channel surfing.

Monday, October 20, 2008

This week’s tv-series

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NCIS…how could I have forgotten that part? Jenny got killed last time and yesterday’s episode was very dark. :-( Yet it still was a good episode. And judging by the end of it, we’re in for some intrigue. It’d be easy to look that up on an American fanpage to learn how they manage to bring the team back together, but this time I’m going to let myself be surprised. At least now some of the f/ stories are starting to make sense to me.

Criminal minds….too horrid for my taste. That was a tiny bit too much for my taste.


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