Monday, March 30, 2009

My obsession with food and it's colors

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"Das Auge isst mit", a german saying which refers to the fact, that food also has to please the eye.
Have you ever thought about that? Preparing a meal or setting a table to have colors match or contrast in a way that it has heightens your appetite? I constantly think about this.
E.g. I'm totally convinced food cools faster on white plates than on blue ones.

Have you ever drunk coffee from a green mug? Didn't it taste weird or bitter? I've broken - only by accident - all of our green mugs and refuse to drink from the last remaining one ;)

What about green food? If you're into vegetables it's almost impossible not to eat green food, but green meals? I always need splashes of other colors in there. The only green food I really love is mint ice-cream, the one with bits of chocolate in it ;)

But it too tastes best with a splash of red with strawberries or strawberry ice-cream.

What about blue food? There is none natural except for blueberries, even plums are not blue and they come in shades of red til dark violet. Also in greens and yellow, if you include reines claudes and mirabelles

Spring is late this year and the garden is still mostly dressed in faded greens, but I can't wait until everything starts blooming and blossoming in all colors.
The vegetable garden is organized in a way to observe the good/bad neighbors rule, but everything else is there to please the eye (and mouth) coming in all shades nature has to offer.

Did I already mention that my favorite place on earth is the Provence? Strolling along the markets every city offers is like discovering new tastes at each stand. Olives noires aux herbes de provence never tasted better anywhere, a dish with vegetables from the market tastes way more intense than with vegetables from home (even if they're from your own garden) and the colors even seem to shine brighter.
I still remember the scent of the lavender-fields we drove through last year. Won't be repeated this year, as we're opting for an autumn visit.

I had set out to write something different, before I lose completely track, I'll leave you with this:

copyright is mine

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Live Music - Music DVD's

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Cranking the surround system up loud and listening to some live music by my favorite musicians is one of the guilty pleasures I indulge in when I'm "home alone". I don't hear the doorbell, the floor is trembling and I've got this juvenile feeling ;)

Sure, listening and wachting a dvd is not the same as being at a concert. But my fav bands simply don't tour as often as I would like them to.

Or take the Indigo Girls, when have they been to Europe last? Have they been to the continent at all or did they only perform in London? And that was in the nineties, if I remember correctly.
What about Sarah McLachlan? Same problem.

And what about Texas? Yep, don't think they'll ever tour again, now that Sharleen Spiteri has her solo career going. Do I mind? Not really. I just watched the Texas live in Paris DVD, and when she made introductions to "I don't want a lover" I suddenly thought who had I been fooling, the fascination with that song (remember the video?) was always about her.

That wasn't simple fan worship, that was a major crush I had on her. If there ever was a certain type of women I felt attracted to, than it's definitely the Sharleen type.
I really hope, that she'll play some of the summer festivals and that I'll be able to catch at least one.
Just in case you're following me on twitter or are a friend on facebook and didn't understand the "Shelvis" reference, look at this:

Next I watched an old Indigo Girls DVD, Live at the Fillmore. This one provoked another revelation: my own guitar career was over the first time I heard Emily Sailors play, not that I was very gifted, but I realized my limitations very quickly. I guess it was also while watching this video that I became a fan of Amy's, before I always liked songs by Emily better. Nowadays I'm back to loving them both as Indigo Girls and Amy as a solo artist.

Going through my Music DVD collection I had to realize that it's been some time since I bought something new. I can't believe that there's no DVD of a Sarah Bettens concert available.
Do you have any suggestions what I should buy?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Frida Kahlo

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Can't say that I'm a big fan of arts, what I am though is being interested in women, biographies of women who took a path that was not the obvious one.

Frida Kahlo is one those, the leaflet for a new permanent exhibition of her paintings in Baden-Baden describes her sexuality as bisexual. But for once I knew her paintings first, before I read about her life ;)

Read more about her in my article for eurout: Frida Kahlo.

(photo copyright by Nickolas Muray / Nickolas Muray Photo Archives, LLC 2004)

What I forgot in this week's tv series

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Fringe, I totally forgot about Fringe and wonderful Anna Torv, aka as Agent Olivia Dunham. The show started airing last Monday with the 90-min pilot on pro7. I sincerely hope that - as much as  I would like to see new episodes of CSI:NY - VOX won't take the bait and program unaired episodes against Fringe.

Fringe is like The X-Files, only better - that's what I heard from several sources. It's true, in a certain way, but Fringe is also completely different in its own way. The main character is a woman (yeah, you already knew that, don't ya' ? ;-)) and intriuge and secrets also make up for a good part of the plot and the suspense. Then there's the technical, scientific aspect of the show - CSI and Bones put in a mixer and brought to next level.

Well it's somehow frightening how these old research results seem so completely plausible to me.
And this is where Fringe is so completely different from The X-Files. With The X-Files I always knew that most of the story were simply unbelievable and too constructed, they also lost me completely some time before the movie came out. Just to make this clear, I'm quite sure that we're not the only life in this universe, but I don't think that we're that important that others will constantly observe us ;)

It also helps that Agent Olivia Dunham is played by Anna Torv, former Mistress

and object of desire for Shelley Conn.

I'm looking to forward to see the next episode or more precisely the ending of the second episode, cause - once again - I fell asleep while watching TV. This doesn't say anything about the quality of what I've been watching: lack of sleep, waking up at 4am and pain killers are mostly the main reason for this.

I also watched Bones yesterday afternoon, that was one hilariously funny episode - the one where Bones has the guard of a baby for some days. This situation results in some of the best bantering dialogue we had for some time. And not only Bones, but Angela and Cam were also in this; Cam having the best line with "giving this body up for that?" - I'm so with you on this, Cam - especially when you're dressed like that!


The ending was so in line with Bones character, they had me almost thinking that she was setting up a fund for the little kid - but no, she provided help for the entire city and work for the adoptive mother.
I think I'll keep this episode for some time, I need to rewatch it - several times :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

This week's tv series

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I'm not only behind on writing; I'm also behind on watching ;) This week's tv series offered the usual stories and somehow more of them than normal were deceiving.

Having watched 3 episodes of the Mentalist I don't think I'll ever get into that series. It focuses way too much for my taste on the main character (yeah, I know, that's what main characters are for) while the other characters remain hollow.
NCIS had its moments, which required an immediate post from my part already last Monday. Yesterday's episode concentrated almost exclusively on Gibbs and Gibbs sen., not much to write about Ziva. But she's always worth some screencaps.


CSI Miami featured Kate Moennig, but having never watched TLW I can objectively say that it wasn't the most important role in that episode, as it centered on the story of the M.E. and her son being the suspect in a drug deal and subsequent murder. Oh, and it's still my least favorite CSI, though I'm starting to think that this might be due to the synching.

Criminal Intent is also strange this season, at least Wheeler is back but all in all there are too many intrigues doubled with strange behaviour going on. Let's see when Criminal Intent and Life will change slots, I'm betting on this!

Law&Order SVU did a really weird plot this week, about homeless living together as a family and having harsh rules like disrepect requiring the death penalty. At least they didn't have any inconsistences with Det. Benson's hairdo.

CSI Las Vegas is still missing more female characters.

I forgot to tape Cold Case and Numb3rs, on my backlog watching list remain
1episode of Bones
4 episodes of Exes and Oh's
1 episode of La vie est à nous
1 episode of Wire in the blood

You don't know La vie est à nous? It's a french soap showing on TF1 Saturdays at 5.50 pm. Read what you missed so far on eurOut.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


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It's been a week now, that I received my iPhone and the exhilaration is still there :)
So far I only needed to consult the manual twice, once to find how to place the sim-card and the second time to learn how to uninstall some application. Everything else comes naturally and the usage is very instinctive. These are the same requests I make to software as well, if the first page doesn't appeal to me and when I'm required to go through a configuration process that lasts 10 mins or more, then I'll get of it as quickly as I can ;) I'm more patient when it comes to software for computers, but not when they're destined for usage on mobilephones.

So far I kept:

I'll keep AroundMe for some more time, even if it ignores the fact that the Rhine has to be crossed and the restaurant is in fact 15km away and not only 3 km.

Just yesterday I installed Shazam but haven't had a chance to test it so far. Apparently it's able to tell which song is currently playing at the store, shopping mall, cafe or whatever. I'm curious if that really works.

While putting together the Lesbian News Snatch for eurout, I came across this headline: "New iPhone 3.0 Operating System Revealed!", nothing really new, but the source where this headline came from peaked my interest - as it was queensspeech, the site which is collecting lesbian and gay news from around the world.

Why would they feature an article on the iPhone? Turns out the article was published on and they weren't the only gay site or blog to pick this up. To summarize this, apparently it's gay to be gay and to own an iPhone ;)

Apple and software designers are also picking up on this trend and several new applications for the gay community were released since the beginning of this year. I tried some of these and as always I'm wary when it comes to the word gay cause it's been proven often enough that gay doesn't mean gay and lesbian, but exclusively gay.

You can check for yourself by searching for "gay" in application section of the iTunes Store. The community apps only work when others sign up to this as well and I'm ambiguous of those, could be fun though during all those pride events ;)

The only app (only talking about free ones) that made sense to me and didn't require any signing up is called GayCities and offers addresses and other information for currently 70 cities around the world. Based on your location it shows the nearest cities to you, Zurich for me.

More important to me now is that I'll find a case for my iPhone. As I've got an issue with how things feel when touching them I'll have to head out to the stores and touch-test acceptable cases. I'd really like to get one of those silicone-things, but will probably end up with a leather one ;)
Any suggestions? The colour has to be uni, no discussion.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Why I like NCIS

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No, I hadn't known anything of this, when I predicted that the teasing would be back shortly in NCIS. Yesterday's episode though had some of the quality stuff, why I like this series so much.
It starts with Abby opening a cake box, given to her by Ziva, a thank you for allowing her to spend the night at Abby's appartment.
Tony get's totally excited at the thought of Ziva and Abby together and those two just play along.

Don't they look cute?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

This week's tv series

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Wow, tv-wise this week had a lot to offer. So much, that I completely forgot about Numb3rs, even taping it ;-(

It started on Sunday with 2nd episodes of NCIS and The Mentalist, and Life and Wire in the Blood. NCIS was cool as always, too much budding between Ziva and Tony, though I bet that the teasing will be back shortly. After all, the team had to be brought back and we can focus on more important things starting next episode, which will be on tonight.
I don't know what to think of  The Mentalist, it focuses too much on building the main character while the others are quite shallow. Knowing that the series is a big hit, I'll give it some more episodes.

Haven't watched the Sunday episode of Life so far, as it also started showing on Vox and I wanted to see where everything started.
My current favorite quote comes from this series

Crews: "You were once a child too,..."
Reese: "There's no proof for that"

Yep, wouldn't think so ;)

Monday's offer mostly reruns, except for Shark, but honestly? Without Jeri Ryan something is terribly missing from this show.

Tuesday had CSI Miami, which I watched but didn't pay attention too. Today we watched the first episode and this one had me wondering the entire time, what about this episode required the "not suited for under sixteen"?

Exes and Oh's also shows on Tuesday (gay station Timm), I watched some of it, which I like so far. I didn't like the fact, that I can't switch off the German subtitles, well but that's not Michelle Paradise's fault.
Wednesday went by so quickly, I'm sure there was an episode of Criminal Intent with Eames/Goran, but staying up late for Exes and Oh's took its toll and I was asleep half way through.

On Thursday I continued my obsession with Det. Benson's hair, CSI Las Vegas and Bones came later but I watched them on Saturday. CSI Las Vegas is missing another female character; there are too many men around in this season, hopefully this will change soon.
Bones, well Bones is Bones. I like it.

And the week finishes with Cold Case on Fridays, a series I not only love for Det. Rush but also for its plots. Most times they are not simply about murder or crime, but also tackle the reasons including society's problems from that time, which are not always that different from today's problems.

And don't forget, Fringe will start on Monday!

Testing mail2blog

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From mobilephone ;-)

Bits and pieces - being in a mood

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Saying that the past week wasn't one of my best ones would be an understatement, an extreme one. Sort of everything came together, G being cranky because of her hospital appointment and not wanting to admit that she was anything but calm, me being cranky because of G being cranky; me being upset because once again an employee had failed to deliver information on time and giving the excuse that he was currently sick - well he wasn't sick on Friday, by when the information had already been overdue [imagine frustrated screaming]

Delivered G at the hospital, where she learned that the surgery had been rescheduled to late morning, which meant no breakfast and no lunch for her, double the crankiness. It got the worse the next day, she had to wait for hours (me too) so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I wasn't available when they finally called to tell me that everything went well and I could come to visit her. Well, I was busy discussing the stupidity of needing to show a RIB in order to buy an iPhone ;)
When she finally called, I'd already ordered the iPhone by phone, had some hospital food with her, got home in time to watch some CSI Miami (don't remember anything), couldn't get to sleep and stayed up until Exes and Oh's started :)

Next morning the waiting continued, but for once I had my political column for eurout ready on time. Was barely at the office, when G called (or chatted?) that she was ready to leave. Brought her home,

- had to stop at a pharmacy, G "you haven't been here for long?" clerk "for about 100 years?" *lol

rushed back to the city, to learn that my lunch appointment had been cancelled, prepared the 2nd Powerpoint training for my customer, charmed the ladies with donuts and fell asleep at about 8pm. For once G didn't say anything, cause she wasn't holding up any better.

Thursday was still hard, but mood at the office had ligthened up a bit. I called G several times just to learn, that my iPhone still hadn't arrived. I took off Friday, had an early doctor's appointment and G had decided to come along and that I could drive her to her doctor to have the wounddressing changed. Mine went just as expected (no delays) and we decided to go for a pain therapy, hoping that this will help.

G's appointment should have lasted no longer than 10 minutes, I waited for more than a hour for her. Called the insurance in the meantime, who messed up on my car insurance and then fooled around with the camera of my mobilephone. Taking pictures of eyes and hair *g
I was bored and cranky, insurance didn't call back and I wanted to get to my iPhone and make sure to not be missing the delivery.

Dropped off a package at the post office, god - that woman was so stupid!

Back at home I spent some time trying to solve the electricity issue in the basement - don't ask, I don't understand it - I decided to call the pros. But most of the afternoon was spent on my newest gadget, which had mysteriously arrived (already wrote about that).
Insurance still hadn't called or written as promised, so I called and learned that somebody wanted to write me a mail. Waited some more time, wrote a mail to that person and received an out off office notification. Sent more mails, still polite but firm and demanding.

Saturday morning, not in a good mood. Were at the DIY-Store at 7.30 (am), happened upon a smart-aleck employee (did they have trainings at Hornbach trying to be polite to the customer?) who didn't want to understand, that I didn't want his help.
G mentionned several times that I was being terribly bitchy.
Had a fun moment at the bakery, where our favorite vendor was taking care of us "would you like the cross or soft buns?", G was short of having a laughing fit when I ordered the "Blätterteig mit Kringelingsdrumerum".
Apparently I didn't have my best moment when I packed the pasta, only at the car we realized that I took Spaghetti instead of Bavette - I made G go back inside to change them ;)
My mood improved an hour later when the insurance wrote that somebody had messed up, they were sorry for the mistake and that my car still had insurance :)

From then on I managed to concentrate on relaxing. Lucky me, who also took coming Monday off :-)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Why SVU drives me crazy

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Law & Order SVU (or Law & Order New York, as it's called in some countries) started as filler, gradually became one of my favorite shows and is currently annoying me pretty much.
It all started last season when Det. Benson went on an assignment (Mariska Hargitay was pregnant), but already before there were these constant fights with Det. Stabler over cases. They don't have to be best pals, but please make the characters development linear, I got this impression that each episode was written by another person and none cared about the continuity of the show.
This season though annoys the hell out of me; there are so many inconsistencies in filming, that I can't concentrate on the episodes and plots anymore. I'm not talking about the change of wardrobe Det. Benson is apparently going through, though those frilly tops she's sometimes wearing don't even make her look more feminine, they are ridiculous, imho. Even worse is the haircut, and downright disturbing that it not only changes from scene to scene, but also inside one scene. She turns around, and suddenly her hair is different. See for yourself (all from one episode)


I hope that this will stop soon, cause I don't want to have to think about such things, I just want to be distracted by a good crime series.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Replacing a mobile phone - Part III / Welcome iPhone :-)

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I waited and waited, was gone most of the morning – where much of the “most” was dedicated to waiting for G – and feared to be finding a sheet of paper in the mailbox, telling me to go to the post office on Saturday morning. Even though I’d changed the batteries of the doorbell, I still double checked the mailbox later in the afternoon, just in case I hadn’t heard them ring.

Guess what, somebody had left the package inside! :-)

I felt like a small child unpacking the box. I’d already received the number and contract separately so I was ready to start. I even read the manual, well the online one, cause the included didn’t tell me much and I’m not really patient when it comes to reading instructions so I preferred to look up the German extended version instead of struggling with a condensed French one.

Before really starting, I had to face two major problems: a/where goes the sim-card and b/where is the security code? Problem a was solved quickly thanks to the manual, but problem b required a call to the helpline. In this case it was a standard security code which I have to change myself. Having had only swiss-contracts until now, I hadn’t expected this. Well and once again, the people at this helpline were very helpful and until now I’ve never even once regretted changing from free to orange.

Back to the iPhone, registration of the phone itself and activation of the number (via a vocal server) went smoothly and not only my contacts and calendar entries were transferred in a breeze, all my mail account settings were transferred as well, I only had to add the passwords. For the curious reader, I work with 3 (private) mail accounts regularly and have 5 constantly set up. I still use 2 POP3 accounts and am gradually switching all traffic to the IMAP accounts.

Setting up WLAN access was that easy, that I’m still flabbergasted. Downloaded a twitterapp (going with twitterfon for the moment) and an app for facebook. Still have to figure out the weather app, check if there’s something for goodreads and then remember what dreams_ wrote about that ebook page ;)

This was way easier than all mobile phones I had before and I’m slowly turning into an Apple addict, at least when gadgets are concerned *g



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