Saturday, August 30, 2008

Subtext - CSI Las Vegas, RTL (Germany), last Thursday

For interested international readers, the episode in question was: s01e13 Table Stakes.

Until last Thursday I had always wondered why there's so much fan fiction (f/, to be precise) for Catherine/Sara. Ok I admit, I was probably biased, I never liked the character Catherine Willows very much, but I'm fair and admit that her hair has gotten much better lately, with the occasional lapse ;-)
But what was that? Catherine calling Sara (on her day off) and asking her in a very low, deep voice “Did I wake you?” the “honey” was right there, on the tip of her tongue, wasn’t it?

Reruns are finished for now and we’ll finally have the chance to watch last year’s season 8, though they need to start with the episodes of season 7. Well, my recorder will be very busy the next weeks…

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