Saturday, January 3, 2009

My "no particular reason" crush

Naw, I won't start another series of "current crush" post, there are already so many out there, and they do it all better than me.
I'd still like to let you know of whom I've been thinking a lot lately, and that is Annette Gerlach. IMO she is *the* face of Arte.

She started out as newscaster for Arte Info and has been responsible for and hosting herself Arte Culture. She is German but speaks French fluently and she masters both languages equally and that on a very high level. Whenever I see her on tv it's only moments later that I realize in which language she is communicating. And it's been only a couple of weeks that I learned that she is German, I'd always assumed her being French.

I don't really know much about her, but it's that kind of mystery that's attracting ;-) Isn't it? And we're going to get some quality time with her, because she will be hosting the Teddy Awards on Feb 13th (aired on the 14th on Arte). If you're curious and can't wait until then, have a look at some videos from last year, with host...yes...Annette Gerlach.
The opening scene in that video shows Claudia Roth, one of my favorite politicians.

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