Saturday, January 3, 2009

Another year

I've never been much a fan of announcing or making new year resolutions at all. Not even the popular one to finally stop smoking...but wait...I've never smoked...not a single one ;-)
And it won't be different for this year, cause I've got no decisions or goals that would be considered s.m.a.r.t.. It's more a character trait I'd like to get back, though I'm not sure if it's possible at all to lose features of your personality, they might get buried because of other things, that look more important - at first glance.

I want to be better organized and more focused, put my own needs first and get things done instead of putting them off for no reason. Blame it on technology but my organizational chaos started when I had to trade in the customer's equipment for my company's equipment, I felt myself set back to beginning of the century. No included chat-tool to keep track people who were not at the same location, no official synchronizing tool for my mobile phone, no unofficial synchronizing tool available for my mobile phone because of the outdated software we are still using (upgrade in spring). I tried to keep track of tasks, appointment and projects using a filofax, which was way too much hassle.
Already my first job was with a computer company and I'm definitely not the type to sit down and transcribe from computer to paper and from paper to computer; I'm also not the one to print out these things, count on me - I'll never have the up-to-date version of my calendar with me. I love my gadgets, the only things I never leave home without are my mobile phone and mp3-player - I only remember to take keys and money when I take the car. But I've been working on a solution, lucky me who didn't have to work for almost two weeks now; I got a lot of things done :)
Throughout the last months I've become a big fan of google, everything I need is accessible from everywhere. Even the calendar can by synchronized with outlook; I'll probably buy a tool to manage multiple ones, unless google includes this feature until February.
I even set up a site a couple of day ago, where I maintain lists of tasks, projects and wishes;-) I opened an account with Picasa and finally put pictures of the 2007 vacation online.
I found out how to make a playlist with and Itunes, remembered some long forgotten html-code, and my Myspace-Profile is finally presentable, even made one for my girlfriend.
Today I fetched the package with our new telephone system, and while we still don't a voip-solution with our isp, this system offers the possibility to use other internet-voip accounts.
Guess what I'll be doing on Sunday? ;-)
Now the only things I need to get done are deciding if I want an Atome Notebook or a Moleskine Notebook, I'm a bit wary of Moleskines, I don't really like how they feel.
And the last thing left is to finally start twittering, I even haven't done the obligatory "test-post" *g

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Natazzz on February 2, 2009 at 1:31 PM said...

So how are those new year's resolutions that aren't really resolutions going?


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