Thursday, July 9, 2009

geek stuff – feeding my e-reader

Once in a while or precisely once a year (i.e. not often enough) even a geek has birthday and sometimes, especially when her girlfriend knows her well enough, she’ll receive geek stuff for her birthday.

The last days I’ve been busy getting acquainted with my newest gadget, the Sony e-reader prs-505.

Installation was easy enough, but I had to start the difficult quest for acceptable reading material. Acceptable for me. Thanks to tedoe’s euRgeek column on eurOut, I already knew where to look.

The only problem was and still is that those sites have thousands of categories for real books, but only one category for their thousands of ebooks – called “ebooks”. *sigh

Then I remembered Bold Strokes Books, a fabulous source for lesbian books, who have their entire catalogue available as ebooks. It got even better once I checked some books; since my last visit they had added the format epub for the Sony e-reader.

The rest turned into a perfect Sunday spent outside, in my newly purchased hammock chair and reading away with my e-reader.

I’m sure I’ll come around and order ebooks from other bookstores too, especially the non-lesbian books, but it’s kind of difficult to browse when the selection is not broken down into further categories.

I’ll probably borrow ideas from my goodread friends :)

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