Thursday, July 2, 2009

more Wimbledon

It's still Wimbledon time and for once two things come together, some matches are shown on free TV and my schedule allows for me to see them.

I'm not that much interested in the guys matches, tennis is not only a power sports - it also needs an extremely good technique, brains and a good oversight.
While DSF, a German sports broadcaster, shows the matches on Centre Court and Court 1, I prefer to watch, respectively listen to, SF2. This is a Swiss TV-station that shows every match national hero Federer is playing in, plus other top matches.

Both channels often show the same matches, but the commentators at SF2 sound more professional and give more background information, not about the private lifes of the players but about the technique and match itself.

Most interesting was their detailed dissection of Dinara Safina’s serves and why so many of them ended in faults (striking most of them blind, cause her head goes down too early)

Today are the semi-finals of the women’s singles, head over to eurOut to read my account of the quarter-finals.

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