Sunday, November 2, 2008

This week's tv-series

Let’s start my ranting with Saturday’s Rosa Roth. The sound was awful (but that must be a ZDF problem). The story and all the rest were great. And we got to see so much of her, more than in other episodes because she still had no other team. Then ending – well that was quite dark, but nevertheless typical for this series. All in all this week’s highlight.

CSI Las Vegas – what was that? The labrats getting an entire episode for themselves? No thanks.

Law and order New York – I had my doubts, when I saw the trailer and early on in the episode. But the episode didn’t turn out to be a homophobic one, no - that subject was treated quite delicately. But please give Det. Benson her cool outfits back, the no-nonsense t-shirts and shirts, and when did she start to wear those huge earrings? Why this femming up the character?

Criminal Intent –Dets Eames and Goran. Fighting against the FBI and making the agents look stupid. Good one, until I feel asleep. Which also happened the other days, cause I had problems adjusting to winter time. I was tired that I even forgot to record my favorite series…tough luck…

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