Sunday, November 16, 2008

This week's tv-series

My schedule changed this week, which means that I was busy with other things while Law and Order New York was on, was awake through CSI Las Vegas and saw parts of Bones. I taped them all, but haven’t yet had the time to watch them.

NCIS – still reruns, but a very likable episode where Ziva falls for a guy who has been exposed to radioactivity and will certainly die. The acting was well guided and directed and totally believable.

Criminal Minds – another episode with a gruesome story. The story itself was okay-ish, though if you think it through, this would mean that the tendency to brutality would be hereditary.

There was also a moment for fan fiction (f/), right at the end when everybody is leaving and Emily gives JJ a short but very affectionate pat on the back.

CSI New York –I like it. Nothing more, nothing less.

CSI Miami – I hate it. More and more.

CSI Las Vegas –not my favorite episode, hopefully it’ll be better next week.

Criminal Intent – with Goran and Eames. Tough subject, with unlikable characters who turn out not to be that bad after all.

Standoff – I despise it, don’t watch it.

Tonight there’s a “northern” Tatort with Komissarin Lindholm, and next Saturday will offer a new episode of Bella Block!

Go here for a brand new installment of CSI Alsace ;-)

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