Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This week's tv-series

Apparently my inner clock is working again, meaning I stay up after 10 pm and am still up before 5 am ;-)
CSI New York – finally solved the case of “333” and I must say, it was an extremely good episode. I’m not sure if we’re going to see more of that Chicagoan detective, hey …that was Erin Daniels!
Criminal Intent – a rerun – from quite the beginning. What I’d never realized until yesterday was how much Det. Eames had changed. Her demeanor had always been the same, but she looked so soft and innocent back then. It’s only been in the last two or three seasons that I really started acknowledging her, it’s as if they'd butched her up, though I can’t really say how. Something about her face.
NCIS on Sunday was a rerun too. But it started with the scene where Ziva shows the others how to handle knifes.
Criminal Minds was very disturbing, have their cases always been this horrifying? I think I remember when it was more about psychologies and not blood.

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