Thursday, June 4, 2009

Favorite food - coffee

Coffee is my elixir. If I don't get my morning coffee, or if I get bad coffee my day (and subsequently yours) will be hell.
I'm not even that picky, I like strong, short and long variants, with or without milk - it all depends on how it's been prepared.

The only coffee I don't like is that kind that tastes bitter, as if it had been reheated several times. Yikes- not even milk and sugar can save this.

I start most mornings with one or two pots prepared in a Bodum coffeemaker.

Later in the day I'll use Nespresso capsules or sometimes my Philips gourmet cafétiere. This machine uses filters and grounded coffee, the big difference is that the entire load of water is boiled in the reservoir and then pushed through the coffee powder very quickly. This gives you a coffee of intense aroma and - just like espresso - less caffeine.

As much as I love Nespresso coffee, I find it mighty inconvenient that I either have to visit a special Nespresso shop or order it online (which I'll end up doing most times).

Then recently, while shopping coffee for the Philips machine in an ordinary supermarket, I came upon the vast selection of blends for Senseo-machines. Back at home I started the project of convincing G that we needed to get a Senseo machine next. I was quickly successful, but we decided to wait until the Nespresso machine had to be replaced.

Until….we went shopping this week and among the remainders of Mother's day (like so many other things, the French do this their own way, not when the rest of the whole is celebrating) there were Senseo-machines for an incredible low price.

So now we're owners of a Senseo and busy tasting our way through coffee blends.

Tanita Tikaram wrote a song "The cappuccino song" which is featured on the album "The cappuccino songs", unfortunately I couldn't find a video for this song, so you have to contend yourself with an excerpt on

Oh, and I also love to read books about coffee, or women running coffee shops ;)

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Meg on June 4, 2009 at 8:40 PM said...

yay for coffee. i didn't start drinking coffee until i was around 30 but i really love it now :). and here in the NW, the coffee capital of N. America we have so many choices, but my favorite (drip) is Tony's Carmelita, it is Fair Trade, organic from a local Seattle company, win win and win :o) and drinking some now...


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