Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Music of the nineties

Blame faith (faithfulchosen) and her nineties radio program at crossradio for this post. Her call for "requests ?" made me instantly think of Elastica and of my Brit-pop/Brit-grunge phase. These groups lay the grounds for many that came afterwards and one thing they almost all had in common was that they wrote their own material. There was an unusual rise in bands with female leaders, "leader" in its literal sense and not just as a pretty face.

Very spontaneously I suggested to make a mix tape for Natazzz, (there's something with eurOut, eurOut editors and mix tapes which needs to explored – but by somebody else than me) based on British albums from the nineties – out of my album collection.

First I had to import the albums to my media library and get reacquainted with them. I'm regularly surprised at the wondrous workings of my brain – can't remember where I placed a paper but remember the lyrics to songs I last heard 15 years ago.

Another surprise was me realizing that I do own more than two albums by guys and that while I was only looking for albums from the UK. My music collection is very eclectic but I've always preferred listening to women's voices. I found albums by Blur, Edwyn Collins, Radiohead, Supergrass, Suede and Prefab Sprout.

So far I've re-listened to Elastica, some Echobelly songs, Sleeper, Lush, Blur – well I own more than one album of each group ;) And I already know my next mix tape – American grunge from the nineties ;) Though I first need to finish this one.

I vividly remember the Elastica and Echobelly concerts. Echobelly's bass player was a lesbian (Debbie) and the venue they played was really, really small – after all it's was called "the world's couch", it was like any lesbian party, only with a live band playing. *g

I'll leave you with a typical song from that time:

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Natazzz on June 3, 2009 at 10:45 AM said...

What can I say, I've always loved mix tapes, and part of me kind of misses actual cassette tapes...

I was a huge britpop fan and also a grunge fan...I loved any music that used gitars really...ah the early 90's were so awesome.

Can't wait for the mix tape :-)


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