Sunday, March 8, 2009

bits and pieces, and some bytes

Been suffering from some severe sleeping problems lately. Not that this would be new to me, but it's different this time. My inner clock keeps telling me, that getting up between 3 and 4 am is just the proper time for getting up. And with my back problems still present, I hardly ever manage to get back to sleep. The backside of this is that I get tired way too early and still I don't manage to get more than 4 or 5 hours of sleep. Doesn't help to improve my mood at all.

Managed to finally finish a long overdue task for work (unfortunately only one among many others) but the results were quite uplifting for me. I tailored a PowerPoint training for clients and despite the fact that expectations of the attendees had completely grown out of hand, their feedback was extremely positive.

I'm still mad at the fact that my colleagues ignored my blocked days at the start of this week. G will be back at the hospital, to get the plate and screws in her leg removed and I'd looked forward to some time on my own, including staying up late, surfing the internet until falling asleep and most importantly watching silly french or english movies while eating comfort food, including pancakes ;)

Tuesday we went to the most memorable concert in a long time, Patricia Kaas in Zurich; don't worry, I won't start again, I already wrote at lengths about this concert. Then Saturday I remembered having read about Pink giving another additional concert in Zurich in December, to which ticket sales should have opened on Friday. Booked the tickets immediately after we were back from shopping, also booked tickets for Ina Müller (November). Searches if Annie Lennox, Sharleen Spiteri and others will be coming somewhere near us still came up empty.

It's been already several weeks, that something damaged the screen of my mobile phone (nokia n95), but it's been only two weeks, that I cannot use it anymore at all. My backup phone is a nokia n73 and I'm terribly missing the WLAN. Until I broke it, I hadn't thought of replacing the n95, yet I'd been curious about the Google Android phone. But honestly speaking, the current available models are just plain ugly. So I had set my eyes on the nokia n97 and would have patiently waited until its release, well if I hadn't read about a kindle-software for the iphone (blame @dreams_). Now I'm back to thinking if I should get an iphone?

Funny things happened in the virtual world, yesterday marked the first time in my twitter life that I had more followers than I'm following ;-) That changed this morning, when I found out that Agent Olivia Dunham is also on twitter. On facebook I was befriended by someone I don't know at all, don't have any friends in common, but I'm pretty sure that this is related to my joining some political groups yesterday, including "Gleichstellung in der Familienpolitik".

Now should try to get myself together and watch my taped "La vie est à nous" episode.

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Natazzz on March 8, 2009 at 11:14 PM said...

LOL @ you getting all excited about having more followers than you are following.

You know, this is very easily achieved if you just stop following everyone ;-)


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