Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Replacing a mobile phone - Part I

Until several weeks ago I was perfectly happy with my nokia n95. GPS, WLAN, Music, IMAP-Function and it even allowed me to make phone calls ;) I was happy with it until the cat stood/walked on it and the broke the screen, it looked like a spiderweb but still worked - until I dropped it. That left me no other choice than working with my backup phone, still a nokia but n73. Why had I overlooked that this model doesn't have WLAN? On top of that, handling is different from that of the n95 and this drives me crazy. I've been close - more than once - to just throw it across the room.

The nokia n97 truly fascinates me, but I can't wait until summer. There's a Sony X1 xperia, which has the same problem as some HTC's - why have a touch screen and reserve 1/4 of the top for some buttons? And the keyboard didn't really convince me.
Some research, including functionality and pricing, plus some recommendations finally led me to the decision to get an iPhone. Me, who always said this was a toy and not a mobile phone ;)

I had to discuss this with G, and after some valid arguments from my side she was convinced that I needed one to stay sane *g
Mission to buy an iPhone started Monday, when I tried the online shop. I needed a French ID-Card and had to provide the Department where I was born. Germany not being a French department, this first try failed. I send them a message via the contact form and received a phone number, though I wasn't sure if they'd understood my problem, it was a computer generated answer.

Mission continued Tuesday, where I had the idea to visit one of their shops. They wanted a credit card and a RIB! As if I always had a RIB with me. The guy quite was stubborn and not really helpful, when I asked him if there was no other way, as I was already a client, he said something like "it's easy, you just need a RIB". Yeah - my answer "Mais ca c'est vraiment emmerdant "

Mission continued later in the afternoon when I called that number and guess what? Delivery until Friday, latest :-)))

to be continued

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Natazzz on March 11, 2009 at 2:54 PM said...

You're such a geek.

I've had the same cellphone for at least four years now, and all I can do with it is phone and text (ok and take pictures, but I don't really use that function).

I have no intention of ever replacing it, unless it breaks.


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