Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Live Music - Music DVD's

Cranking the surround system up loud and listening to some live music by my favorite musicians is one of the guilty pleasures I indulge in when I'm "home alone". I don't hear the doorbell, the floor is trembling and I've got this juvenile feeling ;)

Sure, listening and wachting a dvd is not the same as being at a concert. But my fav bands simply don't tour as often as I would like them to.

Or take the Indigo Girls, when have they been to Europe last? Have they been to the continent at all or did they only perform in London? And that was in the nineties, if I remember correctly.
What about Sarah McLachlan? Same problem.

And what about Texas? Yep, don't think they'll ever tour again, now that Sharleen Spiteri has her solo career going. Do I mind? Not really. I just watched the Texas live in Paris DVD, and when she made introductions to "I don't want a lover" I suddenly thought who had I been fooling, the fascination with that song (remember the video?) was always about her.

That wasn't simple fan worship, that was a major crush I had on her. If there ever was a certain type of women I felt attracted to, than it's definitely the Sharleen type.
I really hope, that she'll play some of the summer festivals and that I'll be able to catch at least one.
Just in case you're following me on twitter or are a friend on facebook and didn't understand the "Shelvis" reference, look at this:

Next I watched an old Indigo Girls DVD, Live at the Fillmore. This one provoked another revelation: my own guitar career was over the first time I heard Emily Sailors play, not that I was very gifted, but I realized my limitations very quickly. I guess it was also while watching this video that I became a fan of Amy's, before I always liked songs by Emily better. Nowadays I'm back to loving them both as Indigo Girls and Amy as a solo artist.

Going through my Music DVD collection I had to realize that it's been some time since I bought something new. I can't believe that there's no DVD of a Sarah Bettens concert available.
Do you have any suggestions what I should buy?

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Natazzz on March 26, 2009 at 7:17 PM said...

I don't actually like music DVD's, because I don't see the point.

I love listening to music, including live concerts, I just find it very boring to watch a music concert on television.


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