Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What I forgot in this week's tv series

Fringe, I totally forgot about Fringe and wonderful Anna Torv, aka as Agent Olivia Dunham. The show started airing last Monday with the 90-min pilot on pro7. I sincerely hope that - as much as  I would like to see new episodes of CSI:NY - VOX won't take the bait and program unaired episodes against Fringe.

Fringe is like The X-Files, only better - that's what I heard from several sources. It's true, in a certain way, but Fringe is also completely different in its own way. The main character is a woman (yeah, you already knew that, don't ya' ? ;-)) and intriuge and secrets also make up for a good part of the plot and the suspense. Then there's the technical, scientific aspect of the show - CSI and Bones put in a mixer and brought to next level.

Well it's somehow frightening how these old research results seem so completely plausible to me.
And this is where Fringe is so completely different from The X-Files. With The X-Files I always knew that most of the story were simply unbelievable and too constructed, they also lost me completely some time before the movie came out. Just to make this clear, I'm quite sure that we're not the only life in this universe, but I don't think that we're that important that others will constantly observe us ;)

It also helps that Agent Olivia Dunham is played by Anna Torv, former Mistress

and object of desire for Shelley Conn.

I'm looking to forward to see the next episode or more precisely the ending of the second episode, cause - once again - I fell asleep while watching TV. This doesn't say anything about the quality of what I've been watching: lack of sleep, waking up at 4am and pain killers are mostly the main reason for this.

I also watched Bones yesterday afternoon, that was one hilariously funny episode - the one where Bones has the guard of a baby for some days. This situation results in some of the best bantering dialogue we had for some time. And not only Bones, but Angela and Cam were also in this; Cam having the best line with "giving this body up for that?" - I'm so with you on this, Cam - especially when you're dressed like that!


The ending was so in line with Bones character, they had me almost thinking that she was setting up a fund for the little kid - but no, she provided help for the entire city and work for the adoptive mother.
I think I'll keep this episode for some time, I need to rewatch it - several times :)

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