Sunday, March 15, 2009

This week's tv series

Wow, tv-wise this week had a lot to offer. So much, that I completely forgot about Numb3rs, even taping it ;-(

It started on Sunday with 2nd episodes of NCIS and The Mentalist, and Life and Wire in the Blood. NCIS was cool as always, too much budding between Ziva and Tony, though I bet that the teasing will be back shortly. After all, the team had to be brought back and we can focus on more important things starting next episode, which will be on tonight.
I don't know what to think of  The Mentalist, it focuses too much on building the main character while the others are quite shallow. Knowing that the series is a big hit, I'll give it some more episodes.

Haven't watched the Sunday episode of Life so far, as it also started showing on Vox and I wanted to see where everything started.
My current favorite quote comes from this series

Crews: "You were once a child too,..."
Reese: "There's no proof for that"

Yep, wouldn't think so ;)

Monday's offer mostly reruns, except for Shark, but honestly? Without Jeri Ryan something is terribly missing from this show.

Tuesday had CSI Miami, which I watched but didn't pay attention too. Today we watched the first episode and this one had me wondering the entire time, what about this episode required the "not suited for under sixteen"?

Exes and Oh's also shows on Tuesday (gay station Timm), I watched some of it, which I like so far. I didn't like the fact, that I can't switch off the German subtitles, well but that's not Michelle Paradise's fault.
Wednesday went by so quickly, I'm sure there was an episode of Criminal Intent with Eames/Goran, but staying up late for Exes and Oh's took its toll and I was asleep half way through.

On Thursday I continued my obsession with Det. Benson's hair, CSI Las Vegas and Bones came later but I watched them on Saturday. CSI Las Vegas is missing another female character; there are too many men around in this season, hopefully this will change soon.
Bones, well Bones is Bones. I like it.

And the week finishes with Cold Case on Fridays, a series I not only love for Det. Rush but also for its plots. Most times they are not simply about murder or crime, but also tackle the reasons including society's problems from that time, which are not always that different from today's problems.

And don't forget, Fringe will start on Monday!

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Natazzz on March 15, 2009 at 10:20 PM said...

You watch A LOT of TV.

I haven't even switched on my television all week. Well, actually I did, but only to play DVD's.


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