Sunday, March 22, 2009


It's been a week now, that I received my iPhone and the exhilaration is still there :)
So far I only needed to consult the manual twice, once to find how to place the sim-card and the second time to learn how to uninstall some application. Everything else comes naturally and the usage is very instinctive. These are the same requests I make to software as well, if the first page doesn't appeal to me and when I'm required to go through a configuration process that lasts 10 mins or more, then I'll get of it as quickly as I can ;) I'm more patient when it comes to software for computers, but not when they're destined for usage on mobilephones.

So far I kept:

I'll keep AroundMe for some more time, even if it ignores the fact that the Rhine has to be crossed and the restaurant is in fact 15km away and not only 3 km.

Just yesterday I installed Shazam but haven't had a chance to test it so far. Apparently it's able to tell which song is currently playing at the store, shopping mall, cafe or whatever. I'm curious if that really works.

While putting together the Lesbian News Snatch for eurout, I came across this headline: "New iPhone 3.0 Operating System Revealed!", nothing really new, but the source where this headline came from peaked my interest - as it was queensspeech, the site which is collecting lesbian and gay news from around the world.

Why would they feature an article on the iPhone? Turns out the article was published on and they weren't the only gay site or blog to pick this up. To summarize this, apparently it's gay to be gay and to own an iPhone ;)

Apple and software designers are also picking up on this trend and several new applications for the gay community were released since the beginning of this year. I tried some of these and as always I'm wary when it comes to the word gay cause it's been proven often enough that gay doesn't mean gay and lesbian, but exclusively gay.

You can check for yourself by searching for "gay" in application section of the iTunes Store. The community apps only work when others sign up to this as well and I'm ambiguous of those, could be fun though during all those pride events ;)

The only app (only talking about free ones) that made sense to me and didn't require any signing up is called GayCities and offers addresses and other information for currently 70 cities around the world. Based on your location it shows the nearest cities to you, Zurich for me.

More important to me now is that I'll find a case for my iPhone. As I've got an issue with how things feel when touching them I'll have to head out to the stores and touch-test acceptable cases. I'd really like to get one of those silicone-things, but will probably end up with a leather one ;)
Any suggestions? The colour has to be uni, no discussion.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for posting and sharing this! I am not an iPhone user, but as I read more and more commentaries from ppl who are, I am becoming more and more interested!

Thanks again,


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