Monday, March 23, 2009

This week's tv series

I'm not only behind on writing; I'm also behind on watching ;) This week's tv series offered the usual stories and somehow more of them than normal were deceiving.

Having watched 3 episodes of the Mentalist I don't think I'll ever get into that series. It focuses way too much for my taste on the main character (yeah, I know, that's what main characters are for) while the other characters remain hollow.
NCIS had its moments, which required an immediate post from my part already last Monday. Yesterday's episode concentrated almost exclusively on Gibbs and Gibbs sen., not much to write about Ziva. But she's always worth some screencaps.


CSI Miami featured Kate Moennig, but having never watched TLW I can objectively say that it wasn't the most important role in that episode, as it centered on the story of the M.E. and her son being the suspect in a drug deal and subsequent murder. Oh, and it's still my least favorite CSI, though I'm starting to think that this might be due to the synching.

Criminal Intent is also strange this season, at least Wheeler is back but all in all there are too many intrigues doubled with strange behaviour going on. Let's see when Criminal Intent and Life will change slots, I'm betting on this!

Law&Order SVU did a really weird plot this week, about homeless living together as a family and having harsh rules like disrepect requiring the death penalty. At least they didn't have any inconsistences with Det. Benson's hairdo.

CSI Las Vegas is still missing more female characters.

I forgot to tape Cold Case and Numb3rs, on my backlog watching list remain
1episode of Bones
4 episodes of Exes and Oh's
1 episode of La vie est à nous
1 episode of Wire in the blood

You don't know La vie est à nous? It's a french soap showing on TF1 Saturdays at 5.50 pm. Read what you missed so far on eurOut.

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