Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bits and pieces - being in a mood

Saying that the past week wasn't one of my best ones would be an understatement, an extreme one. Sort of everything came together, G being cranky because of her hospital appointment and not wanting to admit that she was anything but calm, me being cranky because of G being cranky; me being upset because once again an employee had failed to deliver information on time and giving the excuse that he was currently sick - well he wasn't sick on Friday, by when the information had already been overdue [imagine frustrated screaming]

Delivered G at the hospital, where she learned that the surgery had been rescheduled to late morning, which meant no breakfast and no lunch for her, double the crankiness. It got the worse the next day, she had to wait for hours (me too) so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I wasn't available when they finally called to tell me that everything went well and I could come to visit her. Well, I was busy discussing the stupidity of needing to show a RIB in order to buy an iPhone ;)
When she finally called, I'd already ordered the iPhone by phone, had some hospital food with her, got home in time to watch some CSI Miami (don't remember anything), couldn't get to sleep and stayed up until Exes and Oh's started :)

Next morning the waiting continued, but for once I had my political column for eurout ready on time. Was barely at the office, when G called (or chatted?) that she was ready to leave. Brought her home,

- had to stop at a pharmacy, G "you haven't been here for long?" clerk "for about 100 years?" *lol

rushed back to the city, to learn that my lunch appointment had been cancelled, prepared the 2nd Powerpoint training for my customer, charmed the ladies with donuts and fell asleep at about 8pm. For once G didn't say anything, cause she wasn't holding up any better.

Thursday was still hard, but mood at the office had ligthened up a bit. I called G several times just to learn, that my iPhone still hadn't arrived. I took off Friday, had an early doctor's appointment and G had decided to come along and that I could drive her to her doctor to have the wounddressing changed. Mine went just as expected (no delays) and we decided to go for a pain therapy, hoping that this will help.

G's appointment should have lasted no longer than 10 minutes, I waited for more than a hour for her. Called the insurance in the meantime, who messed up on my car insurance and then fooled around with the camera of my mobilephone. Taking pictures of eyes and hair *g
I was bored and cranky, insurance didn't call back and I wanted to get to my iPhone and make sure to not be missing the delivery.

Dropped off a package at the post office, god - that woman was so stupid!

Back at home I spent some time trying to solve the electricity issue in the basement - don't ask, I don't understand it - I decided to call the pros. But most of the afternoon was spent on my newest gadget, which had mysteriously arrived (already wrote about that).
Insurance still hadn't called or written as promised, so I called and learned that somebody wanted to write me a mail. Waited some more time, wrote a mail to that person and received an out off office notification. Sent more mails, still polite but firm and demanding.

Saturday morning, not in a good mood. Were at the DIY-Store at 7.30 (am), happened upon a smart-aleck employee (did they have trainings at Hornbach trying to be polite to the customer?) who didn't want to understand, that I didn't want his help.
G mentionned several times that I was being terribly bitchy.
Had a fun moment at the bakery, where our favorite vendor was taking care of us "would you like the cross or soft buns?", G was short of having a laughing fit when I ordered the "Blätterteig mit Kringelingsdrumerum".
Apparently I didn't have my best moment when I packed the pasta, only at the car we realized that I took Spaghetti instead of Bavette - I made G go back inside to change them ;)
My mood improved an hour later when the insurance wrote that somebody had messed up, they were sorry for the mistake and that my car still had insurance :)

From then on I managed to concentrate on relaxing. Lucky me, who also took coming Monday off :-)

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