Monday, May 4, 2009

More boring and random stuff (also known as part II)

I barely had posted part I, that I already thought about facts I had missed, which is why I instantly started on part II. These points also trigger ideas for "normal" blogposts, which had been awfully scarce lately. Let's see with what I'll come up next.

  1. Missing the "winners" gene, I don't play to win but to have fun, I've been known to give the craziest answers at trivial pursuit just to see the reaction of the rest of the group.
  2. I'm not a very tidy person, but everything I do follows some hidden, extremely analytical agenda
  3. When I recently made the switch from winter to summer shoes, I realized that I own more than 10 pairs of "good" summer shoes and not a single one of them is black.
  4. My favorite reading and viewing genres are crime, mystery and sci-fi.
  5. I can be extremely stubborn, which sometimes ends with me simply ignoring specific persons. Especially when they ended some argument by making a dramatic exit incl. slamming doors.
  6. I do have a sensor for true emotions (that's perhaps the reason why I can't stand soaps) and have major issues with people, especially in professional life, who are clearly showing to which type of communication-skills-seminar they've (just) been.
  7. Lived above a bakery when I was a wee child; until today the smell of fresh bread makes me feel at home.
  8. I hate people who come to ask for my opinion and then try to persuade me that I'm wrong.
  9. This also extends to colleagues who want to know how something should be done only to launch into an argument why this doesn't make sense. If they want to run head first into a wall, let them.
  10. I'm allergic to dust and several fabrics.
  11. I can be a real snob about food especially when it comes to brands.
  12. Sometimes I think that I'm extremely accident prone. The run-in with the black elder seems to have left a scar on my arm.
  13. Several weeks ago I set the kitchen on fire, a towel which was too close to the stove was the culprit
  14. I can remember really weird or unnecessary facts, but it's also happened more than once that I couldn't remember why I had gone down to the basement. Or that I needed to make 3 trips until I had what I initially went for.
  15. I can't take horror movies seriously; but movies about or with real animals often leave me upset.
  16. Ice-cream is my favorite food, especially of the frozen yoghurt kind
  17. I never do "stuff" just because everybody else is doing it.
  18. I never leave house without my sunglasses but have forgotten everything from my jacket to closing the doors and windows
  19. I love to observe thunderstorms.
  20. I'm afraid of crowds
  21. It's been proven on twitter that I'm completely unromantic, at least in ways that are commonly considered romantic. Please refer to # 17.
  22. I care about words, language and correct pronunciation and some dialects make me physically sick. And though I don't really speak a dialect and also cannot place them geographically when hearing them, I understand most of them after listening for a couple of minutes, incl. most Swiss and Austrian dialects, and to some extent Dutch.
  23. I talk to my pets, always ask them how their day was and if they slept well.
  24. Went to Malta and Iceland in the same year, Malta in August and Iceland in December and always wished it had been the other way round.
  25. Spent last Sunday re-watching the latest 5 episodes of Bones for the 3rd time

2 Kommentare:

Meg on May 6, 2009 at 1:58 AM said...

i thought i was the unromantic one, since i don't make mixed tapes :).

Spoil Myself on May 6, 2009 at 6:51 AM said...

There are so many other things, e.g. sending of packages without adding at least a note ;)
Why buy flowers? We got them in the garden.
But I made a wallpaper with her favorite cat-pictures - geeky-romantism.


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