Monday, May 25, 2009

watching tv-series

Apparently I was mistaken; they're still showing new episodes of NCIS. Yesterday's episode didn't pick up the open threads from the episode before, but next week is the last new (s06e14) – followed by reruns until forever probably. I've really liked this season so far and wonder what kind of secret they'll be digging up about the new director – there's something going on, hints have been placed all over the episodes. As long as Ziva stays on and has some good moments….*cough, I don't care.

I hope that ZDF will start airing new stuff in their Sunday-Night-Crime-Slot, waiting anxiously for Wire in the Blood and Waking the Dead. I know, I never mentioned Waking the Dead before, it's another British show, in film length and shows the work of a Cold Case Unit, involving some really awesome forensics and a psychiatrist. British detectives, a least the "SI"'s apparently need to be grumpy, which is also the case in the show, he's still likeable – sort of. Guess that's because the role and influence of the psychiatrist on the team is such a strong character.

Sue Johnston

These two left after the last season, the detective was killed in the last episode and I don't know what happened to the forensic's specialist.

I already checked, this week we'll finally have a new episode of Numb3rs, all those interruptions by soccer matches seem to be over :)

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Random on May 31, 2009 at 5:45 PM said...

Currently I have no idea how far we've come in the episodes of NCIS, because they keep airing random re-runs in between the new episodes. And it really bothers me!

I've only seen a few episodes of both Waking the Dead and Numb3rs but they look very promissing...
Don't think I've ever heard of Wire in the Blood... Will have to do something about that I think...


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