Monday, May 18, 2009

Watching TV-series

I started this morning wanting to write about ESC (Eurovision Song Contest) when I made the mistake of looking into my tv-recordings folder. Instead I started the day by watching some tv-series, I had started watching most of them but fell asleep shortly before the end. Not because they were boring, but because I didn't care to zap during the commercial breaks, which is something that puts me to sleep regularly. I lower the volume and off to the dreamland I am.

When channels started to air new episodes some weeks ago, I seriously intended to blog about them every week. I quickly grew tired of this, there was nothing really interesting report and I refuse to simply summarize the episodes. What upsets me though is that airing of Numb3rs has been interrupted for the sake of live-soccer-matches; they showed reruns only for the last weeks. Not much fun.

And now the "new episode season" seems to be already over. CSI Miami stopped in the middle of the season, CSI Las Vegas apparently too, Law & Order New York (SVU) ended last week, Criminal Intent reruns have been going for weeks and apparently NCIS also stopped yesterday and none of the last episodes were a season-finale episode.

That leaves us with new episodes for The Mentalist - a show which I didn't like in the beginning but I'm slowly taking too, Fringe - a show I loved from Day One, Bones - no need to say anything about if you follow me on twitter (I love it) and Life.

I've really come to appreciate sidereel, which introduced me to Lie to me, a show I like just as much as Fringe.

I always seem to forget to mention Cold Case, a show I truly like for the stories. I'm missing Criminal Minds, The Closer and Without a Trace. There are still some unaired episodes of Wire in the Blood, and despite this being a series I more think of the episodes as movies because of their length. And of Simone Lahbib.

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Meg on May 19, 2009 at 5:05 AM said...

you put that Simone Lahbib picture in there just for me didn't you? that's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. thank you *wiping tears*

i try to limit my tv show consumption (believe me its for my own good) and for a while i have been watching Bones and Chuck only until i got sucked into Grey's Anatomy. i have not been a fan of hospital shows since Quincy lol, but Grey's is good writing with lots of sarcasm which is hard for me to pass up.

gonna go stare at Simone Lahbib some more now...

Spoil Myself on May 19, 2009 at 5:55 AM said...

I was sure that I wasn't going to get away with not posting a picture for the only name I put in there ;)

Quincy, how I loved that show! It's such a shame that they aren't any more classics among all those reruns.

One of the few non-crime shows that managed to lure me in, was "Judging Amy", they still haven't shown the last season.

Grey's Anatomy had one big scheduling problem, in my eyes, the german channel changed the slot too often, it was too difficult to keep track. And it's one of those series where it's extremely difficult to keep track of all those subplots once you missed an episode.

That's the only reason why I prefer crime series. Most episodes can be watched without having seen all the others, it helps, but is not necessary.


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