Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Movies and tv-shows – my „un“favorites

Let's first establish the fact that I love movies and watching them. There are just some I will never watch and even if they were the only movie left;) Not only am I known to not being a romantic person, what I really despise are romantic movies. Especially those that tell no other story that of straight-love. Ugh.

My favorite hate-movie is Titanic. I know, there's the story about Titanic, the crew, the passengers, the fight for life – and Celine Dion. I can't remember when that or what happened, I guess I even sort of liked her at some point, but at some point her music started sounding sterile, without soul, you could physically hear how much the production of the album had cost through the songs – I don't even change channels when she comes on, I switch off.

Then there are those movies that won every possible award or those who were a major success at the box-office and I can't even stand to sit through until their end. To mention just a few: Chicago (only one song for Queen Latifah?) and No Country for Old Men (too bloody). We didn't finish I am Legend (though the sound was really great) or Volver (too overwrought). The Departed was ok, except for the ending. Was that really necessary?

As for tv-shows I try to stay away from every story that is not finished within 45 mins. Translated this means, I like crime series because most of the episodes can be watched as standalone episodes. My most hated tv-shows therefore are soaps, even more the daily soaps.

So this is the point where I have to confess that – yes – I have never seen a single episode of The L Word. Do you like me less because of this? When it finally arrived on German television, it was buried late in the night, starting at 11 pm, which is really hard to stay awake when you get up at 5 am. Then I tried DVD, I own 4 complete seasons and never got around to watching them. This being more or less a soap, I always found other series I had to watch first. By now I know that I missed some cool ladies, though I probably would have stopped watching when Erin Daniels left the show, from the few things I know, she would have been my favorite woman on that show.

Posting this pic so you know, that I know what I'm talking about ;)

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Meg on May 26, 2009 at 10:25 AM said...

i am with 100% on all movies/shows listed. someone dragged me to see Titanic. i really wanted to walk out of the theatre though.

i do like romantic movies if they are done well, which means i don't like many romantic movies. i would say more romantic comedy than romantic drama.

however, the older i get the more picky i am and tend to not watch many shows or movies just because.

the Lword sucked. you haven't missed a thing. :)

Natazzz on May 26, 2009 at 11:13 PM said...

There's plenty of movies and TV series I don't like, but I am not a very picky viewer.

I will watch almost anything on TV, I am a bit pickier with films, although I do enjoy the good bad movie now and then.

I actually quite enjoyed Titanic, but that could possibly have something to do with the fact that I was a little obsessed with Kate Winslet at the time...


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