Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pet talk - Blacky

My first pet talk was mainly about Maxi and Wölkchen, this time I'll concentrate on Blacky.

Blackie isn't entirely black, her belly and chin are white and she wears white socks - in different lengths.
She's a year younger than the other two and only half their size (and weight), she's a Swiss export and we often joke that this is the reason why she's so small. On the other hand she just might be a normal size and the other two huge.

Blacky has been very shy from the beginning and she instantly claimed me as her mother. She was already 4 or 5 months old when we got her, but really small, she was small enough to nestle in the crook of my arm. She's grown since then, though new cats seem to think she's part of the neighborhoods cat kindergarten. Each spring she's followed by a new playmate;) At least until about three years ago.

Suddenly one winter this cat decided to turn into a housecat. She still loves to lie on the window sills but she hasn't been outside once this spring.
Since we renovated my office (which doubles as the guestroom) and put in a roof window in the process, Blacky hardly ever leaves the room, she's claimed it as her own:) She follows the sunlight and changes places often enough to have her belly warmed by it. When I leave the house or come back she sits at the window and observes me. When I'm at my desk writing she wants to sleep in my left arm. She's the cat to sleep under and not on the covers ;) and she must try everything I eat, she's especially fond of fresh cheese and Häagen-Dazs ice-cream.

Trying to get her into the carrier needs a strategic approach. I have to act as if I was settling in, cause if I stay in my outofthehouse-wear she always seems to know what's up and disappears in the farthest corner under the couch or bed. I've got to surprise her, wrap her tight on a towel and get her into the carrier quickly. There's no other way to fit her through the opening, she stretches all four legs as far as possible and has scratched me with her tiny sharp knife claws more than once, and shredded more than one t-shirt, incl. my favorite (and only) Cowboy Junkies t-shirt.

Friends call her the phantom cat; they don't believe that she exists, as she is always hiding. The pictures are proof enough :)

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