Saturday, October 11, 2008

This week’s tv-series

Ok, I’ve already known that the US has a thing for Halloween and it’s horror themes and that they often produce special episodes for Halloween. But why did German tv stations show them this week? Halloween has always been, and this applies for this year too, on 31st October.

The week started with CSI New York, where the major action took place in Amityville – also the name of very popular horror flick. The crime scene was very “horror” – like with lots of blood and unusual brutality. Lindsay was spooked by a “ghost” (I didn’t get that part, which should have explained where the old woman came from, but she was real and the mother of the murderer). The second case mixed Halloween with Voodoo; well they have to know how they mix their customs. I thought it strange.

CSI Miami? Hm….saw it, but can’t remember anything.

CSI Las Vegas. Normally my favorite. But this episode was simply awful, almost exaggerated misogynous. Rookie (Ronny) forgets her mobile phone at the crime scene, runs low on gas, returns to the crime scene, gets frightened, and so on.

Right afterwards was Bones, which made up for lots of things. I only need to mention Cat Woman, Wonder Woman and Cher! Beautiful costumes with beautiful women wearing them ;-)

Btw, I don't like horror movies, they're so unbelievable and I find them more amusing than frightening. And they have the tendency, like above mentionned episodes of CSI, to make the women characters look really stupid.

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