Monday, October 27, 2008

This week’s tv-series

NCIS….started somehow familiar, and a quick look into EPG-descpription confirmed my suspicion… a rerun. In the middle of the season, are they nuts, or what?

Criminal Minds…that episode where the team learns that Garcia’s been shot. It was nice to have an entire episode concentrating on her, even if it started on a very tragic note but at least there was happy ending, meaning that she survived. This episode included that famous scene where Emily takes JJ’s hand (close up shot of those two hands) which led to a new wave of f/ stories ;-)
Oh…yesterday (Sunday) was also the start of Blood Ties on RTL II. And despite Christina Cox playing a/the leading role, I can’t myself bring to watch it. I dislike Vampire-stories as much as daily soaps.

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