Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Funhouse - Pink

Countdown - only 4 more weeks until the release of Pink's new album "Funhouse". The cover promises just as much fun as the one of "I'm not dead". Here's a link to the video for "So what". Isn't that butch? Riding on a lawn mower, running around with that motor saw, etc. ;-)
I just love how she mixes good music with that tongue-in-cheek approach.
And to think, that I only discovered her by pure luck?! I'd read somewhere that Linda Perry had produced and co-written songs on her second album. And who doesn't remember Linda Perry for "What's going on" with 4NonBlondes?
She even released one or two solo album, but then sort of disappeared. Well, I'm glad that the mentioning of her name made me buy my first Pink album. That was really some experience. The duet with Peaches? I'd really love to see a video of *that* song.

Btw, Linda Perry is also responsible for Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful"

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