Thursday, October 23, 2008

This week's tv series

Criminal Intent…last night’s episode sucked…in a major way.

Besides the fact that I don’t know why replacement detectives always have to have red hair, I absolutely don’t like this pairing. Last nights episode though had one of the worst plots ever, and was highly unbelievable. Every suspect or witness being interviewed was being blackmailed and therefore lying to the police. The reasons for and how it came to this blackmailing were developed in a very superficially way (this couple simply lacks the finesse of Eames/Goran and I understand, that they don’t want two identical detective couple but how are they pulling this off in the future? From what I read, Vincent D'Onofrio wants to cut down a bit on his time for Criminal Intent.)

Can you believe that it got worse? No? Well it did!

Both detectives are interviewing a witness (turning to suspect), when her lawyer enters the room making a big boohay, whispering intimately with her client (implying that they must a least be friends).

Next scene shows both women in a car, with the lawyer reassuring the other women, brushing the hair off her face pulling closer while saying something like “I’m so hot for you”, and cut…

Meanwhile the detectives figure out that the lawyer isn’t working as a lawyer anymore and having a congenial *bright* idea, they come to the conclusion that the lawyer must be the mysterious lover of their witness/suspect, that they’re both in this together and so on…..h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e.

This was followed by another episode of Standoff which started with yet another misogynistic portray. I simply don’t get it, if it’s supposed to be sarcastic or if this actress voluntarily loves to play the stupid bimbo. After less than a minute I was channel surfing.

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