Monday, September 1, 2008

Consequences of too much f/

Yes, I confess, while being bored with reruns of my favorites series (everything involving crime and female detectives), I turned to fan fiction, specifically femslash. I won’t argue about the quality or lack of but some of the best can be found at the Passion Perfect (archived by Ralst) and Your Daily Femslash Newsletter.
hat hooked me most were the stories for Women’s Murder Club (of which I already saw the first ten episodes) but I also couldn’t resist stories of Law and Order SVU (called Law and Order New York in German and New York unité special in French) preferring Alex/Liv stories, CSI with Sara/Sofia and NCIS with Abby/Ziva. I liked that series from the beginning but enter Ziva David and I was totally hooked.
Coming to the point….yesterday we were finally graced with new episodes NCIS and Criminal Minds (German TV). I was soooooo disappointed, no drama, no flirting, no sub text :-(
Tonight Vox will start with new episodes of CSI New York. I never found a decent or believable fan fiction story line (except for some crossover stories) so I consider myself being on the safe side and I should be able to be watching tonight through normal eyes. As long as normal is a word that applies to me ;-)

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