Saturday, September 6, 2008

What’s happening to Sara Sidle? Plus thoughts on Bones and WMC

For once I’m glad that we had to wait so long for new episodes of CSI Las Vegas. This means we don’t have to wait an entire summer for the next episode, no part 2 of season 7’s last episode while already run next Thursday. Btw, Part 2 really is s08e01. So we only need to wait a week until we know what’s happening to Sara. We didn’t see much of her in the last episode but Det. Curtis got some screen time too. That’s fair, at least for me .

There was some funny, though unprecedented banter between Catherine and Grissom. Guess I need to check if they used a new writer for this episode.

Next Thursday will be tough, first Law & Order New York, then CSI Las Vegas and then new episodes (season?) of Bones.

Well my relationship with the series Bones is really complicated. I totally like the concept; it’s crime with an interesting twist and I get to learn really a lot of stuff I hated at school. I don’t like the books but came to love the series. Sure, if Angela would just ditch Hodges the subtext would be back, but I still like the character Temperance Brennan as she simply does her thing, doesn’t give a shit and never shies away from something and – most importantly – doesn’t need to be rescued.

That brings me straight ;-) to Women’s Murder Club (WMC). I read the books, but stopped midway in the 3rd as I just couldn’t stand the poor developing of the female characters any more. What was that guy thinking? Women in the position of a D.A. (or is A.D.A.?), a Detective, a pathologist and reporter certainly have the habit of making decisions and going their way and certainly don’t need to run to hubby each time there’s a tiny problem.

Anyway, the series is much better, such a shame that it ran only for one season. Though it’ll certainly be another season until I’m through all that fan fiction ;-> And I read somewhere that pro7 bought the German rights, so there is hope for us.

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