Monday, September 15, 2008

Tidy up and make room on your mp3 players

This year has been quite disappointing so far – when referring to new album releases and my taste in music. I’ve bought less than 5 albums and that’s far from my average. Among the others already mentioned before was also Liz Wright’s “The Orchard”.

But there’s hope for me with all those autumn releases coming up and besides those releases obviously counting on the Christmas-gift-buyer there are some very promising albums. I was positively surprised that Wendy & Lisa were still making music (release in September) and not settling while collecting Emmy awards for their music-score for several tv-series.

Catie Curtis is always a sure bank and a real treasure when you’re into poetic lyrics. One of my favorites is “I spent all day yesterday watching the grass grow. What I learned is that grass really grows slow
Now I’m hanging around trying to get inspired” (Patience/My shirt looks good on you)

Her new album is called Sweet life and has just been released (12 th September).

P!nk has also been busy and her new album will hit the stores in October. I just love her music, she’s got her own style, a recognizable yet distinctive voice and her videos and some of her lyrics often make a statement. Her collaboration with the Indigo Girls (Dear Mr. President) was very successful, but who knows that there was another one on their (Despite our Differences) album? She’s doing backing vocals for Amy Ray and the song (Rock and Roll Heaven’s Gate) is very rocky, perfect for early mornings.

I’m still not sure if I’m going to buy Joan Osborne’s new album, what I heard so far didn’t really convince me. Contrary to the last one “Breakfast in Bed”, which is one of those albums that sort of grows on you. I didn’t like it that much, when I heard for the first time, which was on the train. Then I gave it another chance as background music and suddenly it’s been promoted to one of my favorite “car” albums. On the title songs she reminds me of Chrissie Hynde.

And there are also new albums by Sarah McLachlan (finally!), Dido (October), Patricia Kaas (November) and certainly a lot of others I don’t know of yet.

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