Friday, September 5, 2008

Detective Benson is back.

Finally.:-) Still with an awful hairdo, but back nonetheless. I really liked her replacement, Danny Becker, but there was this undercurrent plot that she wasn’t going to be there for long and they wrote more confrontations into the script between her and Stabler, than they had for Benson/Stabler for entire seasons.
I also didn’t like the episodes before Det. Benson went undercover that much. I know, they decided that a pregnant Liv wasn’t too believable for the show, but all those other problems they wrote into that season? A lot of it was really overdoing.
New episodes of CSI (Las Vegas), specifically the last 2 episodes of season 7, ran later on RTL. But come on, two episodes back to back and only starting at 10pm on weekday? In foresight I had programmed my tv-card because faithfully to myself I was asleep by then ;->

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