Monday, September 8, 2008

Criminal Minds


Hm…I’m torn. I agree that it’s sometimes necessary to introduce an unpopular, dislikable character. But does it always have to be a woman? Section Chief Strauss had one of the most ungrateful roles in this series so far. I don’t care, if they had to change the script because of differences if one actor, sometimes I had the impression that some of the scenes with her were shot later than the rest. Hell, she wore the same ensemble the entire time …..yeah, but so did the others.

Anyway, the character was one mighty schemer only interested in her political career. She should have been able to put on a mask, compose herself and pull of an act. It was not necessary to make her visibly stumble at the criminal scene. It would have been much more in character if she had disqualified herself by making the wrong decision, as she was only thinking about how that could propel her career. Very early on the episode they had laid the grounds for her to bring the entire team against her.

Well, it was only a small role, but it didn’t help the completeness of this episode at all. Hopefully the next ones will be better written.

Garcia had some cool moments though ;-)

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