Saturday, September 13, 2008

What's happening to Sara Sidle? contd.

I must say, I’m a wee bit disappointed by this episode (s08e01). Perhaps the writers are simply not good at writing drama and should stick to crime stories, something they master really well. Perhaps this was also an attempt at having the same success as with the story of Nicks disappearing, but those were directed by Tarantino and those episodes were really fantastic.

Anyway it’s over and I honestly hope that the season now really starts. We still don’t know what will happen with Sara, all we know is that she was rescued – need I say it? – in the last minute.

CSI Las Vegas is still my preferred CSI series, I can’t stand CSI Miami – sometimes I’d like to shoot the person responsible for the music score. And hej, we understood what you wanted to show with the colors, but that handle is now overused and I’m getting tired of it. And stop giving Horatio so much air time.

Wait, aren’t there rumors about a CSI San Francisco? Will Det. Boxer be transferred to that unit? Isn’t Sara Sidle already in S.F.? Or am I mixing up fan fiction and TV fiction, again?

Can’t wait for that Spinoff!

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